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Do you want to relive the BMX Worlds? Or are you curious about your performance compared to your friends and competitors?

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BMX Worlds 2015, Zolder 7/29/2014
When asked which aspects of the BMX Worlds in Rotterdam(NED) Gil de Vis (organizer BMX Worlds Zolder) would like to carry over to Zolder (BEL), Gil states he was impressed with the excellent communication: “The organization is very active in using Social Media. There is a lot of Sharing and Liking. It really brings the event under the attention of the BMX target-group, but also beyond that.” Says Gil. concerning the way everything was set up, the team area was a big plus according to Gil, especially in terms of space.
Niek Kimman World Champion Junior 7/28/2014

Niek Kimman received the Rainbow Jersey at the BMX World Championships. The 18 year old rider had been superior all day. Laura Smulders got the Bronze medal in the Elite women.

Kimmann was very convincing from the start during the motos, where he won 2 out of the three qualifying races. In the 1/8-final, quarter-final and semi-final  that followed Kimmann finished in First place as well. During the Final he managed to stay ahead of American Sean Gaian (+0.437) and Frenchman Romaine Racine (+1.100) once again. Jay Schippers finished sixth place (+2.187) in the final.

Yesterday Kimman was also the best during the Time Trail event.

Smulders wins bronze

In Elete women Laura Smulders was automatically qualified for the quarter-final due to her UCI-ranking (third place). Merle van Benthem en Dana Sprengers qualified for the quarter-final through the motos.

Sprengers didn’t get further than the quarter-final and Van Benthem only reached the semi-final. Five-time World Champion Caroline Buchanan didn’t get any further than the semi-final either. This made the prospect of Smulders reaching the podium even more realistic. In the final Smulders beat the number four by more than a full second. Mariana Pajon was awarded the gold medal. Silver was awarded to Alise Post from the U.S.A.

Bad day for Elite men

There was less cause for celebration for the Elite men. Non of the Dutch riders managed to make it to the final.

Two Dutch champions 7/27/2014
Saturday July 26th, the fourth day of the BMX Worlds. A day dedicated to the Time Trails event. After a closed training session the doors opened to the public at 13:00 hrs. The spectators went to see the BMX museum and the Expo area, after which the stands started to fill out. When the Time Trails started, the first ring of the stands was nearly completely full. The Time Trails were devided into four categories, namely Junior women, Junior men, Elite women and Elite men.
Today: arena will be open from 13hours! 7/26/2014
Cruisers Competition and Award Ceremony 7/25/2014
Today it was the Cruisers turn. The riders; men, women boys and girls taking to the track with their lager diameter wheels. It’s a very spectacular sight, with unfortunately quite some crashes. Luckily the riders often got up quickly after a crash, sometimes with help from another rider, and show they are all right. Thanks to the energetic music and the announcer’s enthusiasm the crowd gets really in the proper mood. There are many fans present from all of the 42 participating countries and there’s a lot of cheering going on during every race. There’s a lot of riders in the motos, quarterfinals and semifinals that have never before competed in a World Championship. For those riders everything is extra exciting. Not all of them are able to make it to the finals.

In almost every final there’s a Dutch rider to be found. It is great to see that BMX is as alive in the Netherlands, amongst young and old. ‘BMX Rocks the World!’ 
Annemieke about her son Raymon van der Biezen 7/25/2014
BMX rider Raymon van der Biezen will be competing for the World Championships title in Ahoy in Rotterdam between July 23rd and 26th. His mother Annemiek tells us about the love of cycling her son has. “ Raymon got his first BMX bike when he was only 4 years old. And to this day he still loves to ride.”

When Raymond was 4 years old, he saw his cousin compete in a BMX race. He immediately  loved it. Annemieke:” He could already ride a bicycle, but after Raymon saw this race we bought him a BMX bike. Luckily everything went well when he first took to the track.”
Ready for this weekend! 7/25/2014
The BMX World Championships are not only about racing; the place of Ahoy is welcoming shops, a museum, a cinema and many more! All about BMX, it’s that way possible for you to enjoy all side of the event and all side of the BMX race discipline. 

The exposition gathers many shops as Faith and sponsors as Go Pro. The exposition hall is also the occasion for you or your children to
enjoy the little BMX track managed by Skateland Rotterdam. The exposition hall is full of an exciting atmosphere, music ON, snacks all over, activities, exchanges with specialists, don’t hesitate to spend a moment there, this is the place of the BMX family reunion!
Medals won on Thursday afternoon: 7/28/2014

The traing sessions started early today, which caused the stands to fill out early as well. The finels were fast and the riders really aced the corners. Luckily there were no crashes during the finals. Check out the results for the Challenge riders in the ages between 5 and 11 here.

This afternoon the Netherlands won two medals:

Congrats on winning bronze Jan Kraus and Jaymio Brink!!

Australia: 7 (3 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze)
Bolivia: 1 silver
Zimbabwe: 1 gold
New Zealand: 9 (3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze)
Latvia: 2 (1 gold, 1 silver)
Belgium: 2 (1 gold, 1 Silver)
Great Britain: 1 bronze
USA: 5 (2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)
France: 3 (2 silver, 1 bronze)

Challenge riders 12-16 7/25/2014
The stands were packed. The Challenge riders ages 12 to 16 Brought their entire families, which was great! There was a lively atmosphere and a lot of noise. In this atmosphere the boys and girls went at it on the track. The motos, eights finals, quarterfinals, semifinals were exiting, but the finals took the cake! Watch the complete results for Challenge riders ages 12 to 16 here. Watch the films of the finals on our Facebook page.

Yesterday evening the Netherlands won two medals:
Congrats with silver Ruby Huisman and with bronze Mila Kool!!!

The other medals went to the following countries:
Interview with Brazilian rider and Coach! 7/24/2014
Who are you and why are you at the World Championships BMX?
I am Guilherme Pussieldi and this is my wife Luciana. I coach the Brazilian BMX team and one of the riders, Leandro Cabral, is standing right next to us with his wife Lorena. We are here with 42 riders in total. Not to mention friends and family that came with us from Brazil.

What do you think the Worlds so far?
I think it’s great! I love the people, I love the Netherlands and I love this Track. I think this track is better than that of last year in Auckland. I also love beer, and I haven’t had any yet, but tonight I will try a Heineken.
Interview Parents Thijs Besselink (10 years old) 7/23/2014
After the Dutch training sessions we came across a lot of family-members of the riders. We were very curious how they experienced the World Championships and what it’s like to have a son or daughter competing in the BMX Worlds in the Netherlands. We ran into the parents of Thijs Besselink (10 years old) and asked the a couple of questions.
The Worlds officially starts this afternoon 7/23/2014

Today it's the first official day of the BMX World Championships! In the morning and afternoon there are several trainings to be done. By country the riders will get on the track to familiarise themselves with it and to do final preparations for the first competitions. The stands are filling out slowly with family and friends coming to watch their riders train. The Dutch riders will also have their fair share of training time to prepare themselves for the World Championships in their home country. There is a great atmosphere in and around Ahoy. There's BMX riders everywhere you look. From boys and girls as young as 5 years old, barely big enough to fit on their bikes, to the older challenge riders. This afternoon (between 17:00 and 18:00 hrs.) there is the possibility to meet these guys during a signing session with the Dutch team. Want to get their autographs? Then come to the Expo Area!

Motos bloc 1 - 4 7/23/2014
Have a look here for the Motos bloc 1 - 4.
National day of mourning 7/23/2014
The organization of the World Championships BMX has received with upmost sympathy the statement by Prime Minister Rutte to announce Wednesday July 23 a National day of mourning. In memory of the victims of the plane crash in Ukraine, the organization has decided to keep a minute of silence as part of the official opening ceremony. A  planned publicity stunt in the city centre of Rotterdam will not take place at the scheduled time, out of respect for the arrival of the first victims in Eindhoven. Some countries have already asked -out of respect for the victims- to ride with mourning arm bands, including the Netherlands.
Spotlight on Challenge riders 7/22/2014
On July 26th and 27th, the world’s top names in BMX will compete for the rainbow jersey at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam. But before the weekend’s Elite competitions, more than 2500 amateur riders, from as young as five to the over-50s, will race in the age-group Challenge classes. We catch up with three of the participants.

Chris Schoonover (38) and his son Jayce Patin (7) - USA

Former pro Chris Schoonover won the ABA Pro Cruiser World Championships in 2000 then retired from competition and hung up his bike. After eight years as a pro and a successful career it was time to call it a day. That was without counting on his stepson Jayce who was inseparable from his bike from the day he learned to ride.
The track is ready! 7/21/2014
Monday. The day started with a team managers meeting. And while they were taking the tour, the track building team was hard at work dotting i’s and crossing t’s. There was just enough time for a short interview with Teun Stam from Schijf Group. Schijf Group have gotten quite experienced in building tracks, mostly in the Netherlands, but also internationally. They also have had a supporting role building several World Championship tracks. Here’s some facts:
Security in and around Ahoy during building the track 7/17/2014
Because of safety measures we want to ask you to not to visit Ahoy at this moment. There are a lot of trucks and machinery around and it is not safe to be here. Please have a look on our Livestream and watch how Ahoy is changing to an BMX Arena!
Entries are published 7/14/2014
Entries for the BMX Worlds (Challenge, Masters & Elite) are published. Check it.
Training groups Challenge/ Masters are published 7/11/2014
The training groups Challenge / Masters, for tuesday 22 and wednesday 23 july are published. Every country is in a group. Click here for more information and see when you are expected in Ahoy.
Reunion of Champions 7/7/2014
The list of participants for the Reunion of Champions reads like a veritable Who’s Who of BMX.  It will take place during the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships and will reunite Champions from as far back as the 1970s.

“We wanted to create an extra feature for the public during these Worlds and of course give these athletes the platform they deserve,” explains organiser Eric Kersten. 



RT @rabowielrennen: #MedalMonday Een dubbele nationale titel voor @lauraasmulders binnen het NK BMX! (TT+BMX) -
Marc Wauters ploegleider bij Lotto-Soudal: "Dit jaar heb ik gepast voor de Tour, omdat ik het WK BMX organiseer."
@ElkeVanhoof91 viert 14e BEL BMX-titel. Dat gaat lekker! Waar zal ze eindigen tijdens WK @BMXZolder? #thuispubliek